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    1. Ceramic wear-resistant sheet
      Ceramic wear resistant pipe
      Alumina containe
      Metallized products
      Water valve plate
      Zirconia products
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      Add:Zhangzhou Nanjing high tech Industrial Park


      Tel: 13806034551 Mr. Zeng


      Porous wear-resistant sheet
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      Our factory specializes in production:

      Industrial ceramics, textile ceramics, mechanical ceramics, acid and alkali resistant ceramics, wear resistant and temperature resistant ceramics, etc.

      For non-standard orders, Party A shall bring the dimension design drawings. 

      The materials are 95 porcelain, 99 porcelain, titanium porcelain, zirconium porcelain, etc.

      The products produced by our factory are high temperature resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high strength and good insulation performance.